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Meridian has a network of strategic partners that can handle investigations in states outside our main coverage area. Please contact your account representative if you have an assignment outside of our coverage area.

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Meridian Investigative Group's proprietary online case management system, MIGtrac™, was designed to provide our clients with state of the art communication regarding your investigations 24-hours a day, 365 days a year.

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Claimant Profile Report™

Through innovative processes and proprietary research methods, the Claimant Profile Report (CPR)™ will expose information that claimants would prefer remain hidden. CPR™ is a great way to uncover hidden employment without incurring the initial expense of surveillance.

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CPR Plus™

CPR Plus gives you the ability to "dig" deeper. With this service we are able to not only uncover activity; we take it a step further with CPR Plus and verify activities through our proprietary methods. CPR Plus will expose in-depth information associated with the claimant's internet history and daily routines.

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SIU Services

Meridian Investigative Group, Inc. has created a proficient contract Special Investigations Unit (SIU) to provide mandated and necessary Anti-Fraud services for our clients, as well as carrier, TPA and MGA companies which do not warrant a full time SIU unit.

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Unmanned Surveillance

The benefits of utilizing unmanned surveillance is the ability to obtain results and documentation where a human’s presence would be cause for suspicion. Our devices are installed in seemingly benign objects you look past every day in both rural and urban environments. We also have the ability to customize the devices based on the need, use, and location. The units employ the latest technology to auto track an individual without any user interaction. Our systems operate via 4g networks which allow the units to be monitored remotely. The system also has auto pan tilt and zoom capabilities to track the subjects movement.


Got multiple routes of departure to cover? We also provide companion service which utilizes the technology of our unmanned devices coupled with a field investigator. This provides the ability to deploy the unmanned units in high risk areas, while keeping the investigator concealed. The investigator will monitor the camera remotely and initiate mobile surveillance as needed.


In situations that require complete stealth, you have just found the best solution on the market. Our unmanned surveillance is cutting edge technology and light years ahead of the competition. We have taken existing technology, and catapulted into a league of its own. For more information please contact our corporate headquarters at 800-830-4022.


  • Rural
  • Urban
  • Clinic observation
  • High risk areas
  • Theft prevention
  • Special Investigations
  • Care givers
  • Liability & Disability
  • Workers’ Comp


  • Redundancy plan
  • Digital encryption
  • Password protection
  • High resolution
  • Auto tracking


  • Remotely monitored
  • Remotely controlled
  • Secure network
  • Video storage
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Client Testimonials

"I use Meridian because they are very dependable. They are also great on last minutes assignments. Meridian is also good about providing a phone status update, and make recommendations, when they feel a claim needs additional assignment..." -Valerie C.

"Meridian is among our top choices for our surveillance needs. They are excellent at last minute, or rush, assignments. The "personal touch" they offer is what keeps us giving them more business. I highly recommend them. "-Amy D.

"Meridian has taken surveillance to a new level. I have been in the business for 20+ years and have had the opportunity to work with a lot of surveillance companies. Meridian's approach to pre-investigation (CPR program) certainly affords you the opportunity to make a more... "-Kim P.

"When results count and time is short, I call Meridian. Meridian responds quickly with thorough and professional service. We use them for all of our investigative needs." -Julie C.

"I use Meridian for their prompt and effective service. They are consistent in pricing, which my customer loves. The service they promise is provided timely with great investigators that will call in if they see additional time is needed on a particular case..." -Ramona N.

"My organization recently utilized Meridian and obtained stellar results. The services provided were impeccable and the customer service was exceptional. The information garnered not only provided guidance on case management but illustrated methods to reduce future liability exposure..." --Dei S.

"I always use Meridian for all my surveillance needs. They are always professional and able to work with me when I need rush cases. They have help me defend some tough claims with their work and great investigative skills." -Mindi F

"GREAT WORK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We got a full duty release. Every day you got great work and details the physician felt was unbelievable. Thanks again." ~Lydia P.

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